Waiting :)

My metaphors are naked
Swimming like laughter on the sea shore
I try in futile minutes
To wrap drippy chocolate dreams
In a thin mist of shy smiles
Now I see myself slipping
Down into a void of beautiful fragrances
Now I rise and gaze
Into a haunting pair of fish
Back I go
Into a sleepless dream
And a dreamless sleep
If waking be dream
Sleep is not missed.
All my beautiful songs
Belong to you
I snatch them away
From butterfly wing snippers
Bequeathing them to you
Because a featherless bird
Is safer in a fluff-lined nest
Your timely reassurances
Are salve to the healing wounds
My dearest
Perhaps I have lived my entire life
In two days of being loved endlessly
Maybe I am better at deciphering you
Than many others I tried to
Because you place your petals
Carefully all the way
So I may not tread them
But pick them up
And place them in my wicker basket..
You are a rarity
I was watching if you would
Disappear in a puff of faerie dust
I was wondering if you’d
Walk up a silver ladder
Back to the place where you came from…
My words sound like cats on hot tin roofs
There are days of endless love awaiting
The aroma is in the air
Of warmer climes
I am waiting…

P.S: Of course you know I feel infinitely happier than the words here convey. Those feelings are not for anyone but me. 🙂

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