In different ways
It is you
Who comes back to me
That solitary day
When I entombed a poem alive
Stifling its screams
With cruel kisses
You stood unmoved.

Another midnight
I surrendered to a dream
Leaned shamelessly on its waves
Opened my redness
And revealed my flower
It bled all its juices
One petal at a time
You remained unmoved.

Kneeling and prostrating
I probed the acres of sand
Of an oasis dried up
For a hint of wetness
My parched existence trembling
For the streamlets in you
You smiled unmoved.

Wherever I sail
I am stranded at your shores
As an unwelcomed visitor
Stripping my needs down
Once again  Once again
Into your arms I wander
Unmoved unflinching
Indifferent Love!

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