But now…

From something that I was reading again...

What She Said

Before I laughed with him


	the slow waves beating

	on his wide shores

	and the palmyra

	bringing forth heron-like flowers

	near the waters,

my eyes were like the lotus

my arms had the grace of the bamboo

my forehead was mistaken for the moon.

	But now...				   

		Maturai Erutta:lan Ce:ntampu:tan (Kuruntokai 226)

One thought on “But now…

  1. nice !

    this is, and will remain, my favorite..

    What He Said

    What could my mother be
    to yours? What kin is my father
    to yours anyway? And how
    did you and I meet ever?
    But in love our hearts are as red
    earth and pouring rain:
    mingled beyond parting.

    Cembulappeyani:ra:r (Kuruntokai 40)

    had posted this in my blog long back.. sigh!

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