My Idea of a Hero

The Highway man – Passion
Hannibal Lecter – Anger
Count Dracula  – Charm
Lucifer – Power
Severus Snape – Revenge
Sherlock Holmes – Intelligence
Shelley – Rebellion
Mr. Darcy – Pride
E.A. Poe – Mystic
Robinson Crusoe – Survivor
John Coffey – Compassion
Theseus – Courage
Odysseus – Determination
Orr – Cleverness
Milo Minderbender – Charlatan
Prince Myshkin – Equanimity
Kashtanka – Loyalty
Brutus – Conviction
Ekalaiva – Persistence
Karna – Decisiveness
Purushottama (Porus) – Bravery
Vandhiyathevan – Dynamism
Sharada Devi – Abstinence
Kamaraj – Simplicity
Dexter , the boy genius – Cute .. awww 😐 (I had to do this..!!)… 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Idea of a Hero

  1. Dear Phoenix!
    greetings again and thans for the comment!
    That story of mine is complete, so you will be able to read it until the end (and two more books after that). There good Dragons and bad ones and we are all some of them!
    Really enjoy your writing!
    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Yeah I like Bilbo but I like Tom Bombadillo better. 🙂

    Yeah and the ones in my story were bad dragons. There were hyenas in that story as well. 🙂

    Will surely read your books. I love fantasy.

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