In my head tonight
I will make magnets
Squares and oranges
I will make marketplaces
With heaps of exotic fragrances
I will make shimmering water
Gurgles and baby dimples
I will gather childhood pebbles
Inimitable and smooth
I will remember blue veins
From grandpa’s bony fingers
And mother’s brimming eyes
And voicelessness
Tonight I will not cry or laugh
I will see
Tonight I will scrape my inhibitions
And weigh them against my losses
I will pile up overflowing dreams
And weigh them against my victories
I will think of friends
Who disappeared at crossroads
And enemies who remembered to stay
I will arrange candy-like pills
Pink, orange and green
And devour them without complaints
Tonight I will be an error
A lapse and a slip of a tongue
I will happily be wrong
I will drench in the rain
And become a layer of sun-kissed rust
On cold iron grilles.

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