i saw us near the bleached white boulders of a river.. a live river… and we sat there looking at the woods on the other bank… it was cloudy.. and we sat near the gurgling river and the fishes that nibbled at our ankles… i saw us stand in the water when rain fell in drops around us.. rippling the river up.. the fish swimming helter skelter …i felt the pebbles underwater nudge painfully at our soles.. and i dreamed… of a kiss… we did not kiss.. we stood there dreaming of a kiss..
in another place of your childhood when you went behind the door to hide under the dungeons of dark dreamless sleep… i saw us together… mirrors of each other… and i saw us kiss… nay.. dream of a kiss
come into my writing dont stand outside
i want pages filled with your scent… interspersed only by the scents of fresh paper
welcome to my world
walk into my poems bare-feeted and trusting
so when you walk in…
mend the broken bangles with your touch..
and blow unbreakable unicorns from melted glass
in your kisses
with u poems are a way of life
with you dreams are a lifestyle
avaricious for words are you
u are being constructed in my world….
nascent.. young.. embryonic
warm with the fire of love
listen will you
are you hiding in codes
why do you smell of a childhood joy i forgot on the swing
why do you feel like that doll i cried for but could not afford
why do you take me into your games… why do you call me your own
am i not this bleary-eyed little girl who never gets a second chance? why are you my first playmate angel?
why am i your first kiss
remember the poems we wrote.. the same poem.. at different windows… near different dry leaves.. and the same autumn

i kissed you when you were an embryo
and i made butterfly effects to meet you
many million butterfly effects later you were a physical kiss
u r the source
i am just a plagiarist..

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