Rain Gleaning

Note: I thought I will not write for a month but I could not contain this one when it came.

Rain gleaning in summer
Involves dreaming and memories
Nights without your flavour
Your fragrances stolen.
It involves waiting for poems
Recurring imagery
Lies and plagiarism.
Rain gleaning involves watching,
Cautiously approaching a dragonfly dream,
And bewitching spilling droplets in candle light,
Holding them in midair
With a twisted twig of imagination
In the guise of a spellweaver’s wand.
Rain gleaning means
Stroking perspiring walls
And collecting trickling moments
With concentration and love.
Spreading an ethereal cloth
Tainted with virgin blood
Waiting for feathers to descend on it
Accompanied by invisible dew.
Butterfly legs soaked in nectar
Rain gleaning in puddles
Of many-colored glass
Distilling milk from water
Like the mythical swan.
Still and inanimate on arid land
Rain gleaning gyrates
Like the diviner’s rod
Above inspiration’s fountains.
Dipping and drowning into
Ponds full of
Molecules swimming rapidly
Rain gleaning means
Sleeping in water
Amid unpicked flowers
And freefalling from the clouds
Arms outstretched and trusting.

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