8:55 PM she: how do you define a void?
8:56 PM: as in void of the heart etc…
8:57 PM me: the realization of a lack of something that once filled you to the brim
she: hmm…can it not be a yearning for something you never knew?

14 minutes

9:12 PM me: it cannot be
it can only be something u knew and u want again
9:13 PM or something u are capable of imagining.. or u see someone else having

5 minutes

9:18 PM she: hmm…

This was a conversation between me and a friend. Now I take back what I said. A void can be a yearning for something you never knew but want to possess. It may be a need to eliminate what you possess and replace it with something else which is less harrassing. It may be some unidentifiable feeling which seems to exist in intuition but you may not know for sure.

I wish I could meet that someone who is unlike anyone else I have known. Wish that someone would not trample over me and wish that someone would understand my dreams without explanation.

That someone does not exist.

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