Ode to Absence

Sound travels
Light hibernates
Distance dances
Kisses smell like someone else
Fingers wait in sleep
For something to grasp
Rain sounds drown in radio sounds
Evening birds sound like childhood distance
Everyone else is grossly solidly present
Everyone else is a mistake
Smoke helps
Breeze suffocates gently
Eyeballs travel to the corners of the eyes
Trance blue
Blank green
Pain red
Mind orgasms on imagination
Everyone else is a noise
Paranoia of open windows
A hilarious fantasy of finding you in my room
Unkempt hair
Scars unkissed
Phones that never ring
Old laughter
An urgency to leave everywhere
Writings you will never read
Sulky sleep
Waiting obviously
Neurosis and anger

Am going away.. this bloody poem will never end!! !#%^#$

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