Song for a Dream

Little dream, dancing in the moonlight

Here’s a song, for you this dark night

Little flower, starry dream, simple

Prancing about like a lamb, nimble

Tiny, fledgling-feathered, child of love

Singing into my mind, then and now

Shiny-quilled, flighty bird of paradise

Raining thin music like sweet-voiced lies

Angel feet skipping on the blue bridge

Flying tinkerbell into the misty ridge

Brittle clouds breaking into little shapes

Stillness painting yellow-gray, the landscapes

Little dream, fighting off wing clippers

Walking on dewy grass in lady’s slippers

Dying lamplight thronged by waltzing moths

Dainty love hopping through winding paths

Frail hope fishing for windy stars

Night dark stroking on early scars

Little dream dancing in the moonlight

I make a song for you this dark night

Just that, dreams are with pain replete

And this song trails off, incomplete…

2 thoughts on “Song for a Dream

  1. Lovely poem!
    I loved these lines,
    “Little dream, fighting off wing clippers

    Walking on dewy grass in lady’s slippers

    Dying lamplight thronged by waltzing moths

    Dainty love hopping through winding paths”

    This must be your best one ever.. 🙂

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