Three Friends

X: 😐
i dont want to hear 😦
i have a life
be sensitive
give me my space


me: but i cannot motivate myself enough
no strength
Y: i cant explain everything
me: is this when ppl need a god
10:46 PM
Y: i know
me: am trying to keep away from tht bent of mind
10:47 PM
Y: hmm
10:48 PM
me: i know i need a human being and not anything or anybody else
Y: 🙂
i hv the strength but not the inclination right now


nobody likes me
Z: what nonsense?
me: yeah
i ask everyone
10:22 PM
and nobody says yes
Z: Why do yo ukeep asking?
I don’t ask anyone
I don’t care
me: i do
i wanna be liked
10:23 PM
Z: If you keep asking, it’s irritating
no one will talk to you if they dislike you
me: they talk coz i pester them
Z: right!
I could block you
if I wanted to


Are these people really trying to help me? Is it just me who thinks otherwise?

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