I see us make love in some Moroccon ochre home
On a bustling alleyway full of curio conmen
At a thatched cottage upon purple petals
The green sea courting ivory sands
In an ancient dingy room sparsely sunlit
On a fiery red Turkish carpet beside an unused bed
In Constantinople swelling with religion
And Cairo with its arid breezes
Winters at shivering lakes
Summer with drowsy bees
Under the flaming gulmohurs wind-drenched
I see us primordially naked, insatiable and proud.

I see us dripping with passion near drizzle-spilled Hibiscus
At glorious sunsets with cardamom-tinged tea
On ivory white waters gliding on flower boats
Wind-swept red canyons with scars of angry rivers
In temples-dotted Thanjavur
Jasmine and red silk
Glass bangles gently clinking through the night…
I see us mingled in love
Like Turmeric and Sandal paste.

12 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Thanks to all of you individually for your comments..

    Hmm.. am trying..

    @ Pingu

    Thanks again!

    I hope the cat story will interest you! πŸ™‚

    @ David
    Hehe.. you travel on your bullet me on my winged horse!

    @ Mekhala
    Thanks a lot!

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