You Are It

Old habits die hard… haha.. Here is something that I wrote a few days back. 🙂

When the futility of everyday life
Torments me into submission
Oblivion drawing it oak walls around me
In the silence that only loneliness can engender
I heard the ripples of an oasis dream
You are it.

When the lost strains of a withered poem
Strained themselves out of me
Reality bleeding vulnerable
Yellow rose fragments of love
Dreams never forgot to swirl around
In the winter-chilled cauldron of my heart
I sensed the nimble feet of an eager-eyed antelope
You are it.

When needles quivered and wingless time grew
The irony of a purpose visited my thoughts
Intense waves courting the yellow moon waning
A sliver of a song slithered down its crescent
You are it.

In the gray-tinted haze between waking and sleep
The ebb of memory rising like a dirge
Purple smiles and orange love dotting the eyelids
A blue anomalous dream crawled into sight
You are it.

Hesitation smelling like a fifth cigarette
A lonely kiss ambled my way
A quilt of starlight descends on my day
And sleep embraces like a secret second lover
I crave dreams of wet lips and life
Love takes me there
You are it.

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