A Warning

Note: This work has been largely translated from meows heard during midnight’s witching hour at Sumeet Mazumdar Co-operative Housing Society.

This is Carla Ferguson howling from the eighteenth balcony in Block B. This is to warn you all that the territory in this block and beyond is entirely meant for myself and my minions. Anybody who dares trespass into our foraging limits shall end up with a half-chewed ear like our dear romance-stricken Romeo Rodriguez. We understand that he bravely attempted to retrieve a large helping out of Alley 4 garbage bin despite the presence of my trusted friends Clawhook and Mohawk. We also understand that he did this in a chivalrous move towards Madamoiselle Pamela Snow.

This final howl shall serve as warning for the other turncoats who ran with tails tucked between their legs a few minutes back.


P.S: A better portion of this translation was lost in the background noises which largely consisted of groans from our protagonist, recently deprived of a better half of his auditory instrument.

Note No. 2:
Those who don’t understand head or tail of this post, please read Myowww… 

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