What happens to you if you’re not afraid of anyone or anything? Authority in any form does not scare me. I cannot be threatened or scared into submission by any power structure. This is usually because I give a damn for consequences or losses. However, I have my own standards. I have set these standards based on some ethical values and on my own need for perfection.

I care the least for how other people perceive me.

People have a certain image of me and they believe I deserve certain things and they give them to me. The same people also snatch things from me because they believe I do not deserve that particular thing. But the fact is that it does not make a big difference and I’m going to survive either ways.

The only insecurity I probably have is losing people I love. But that is entirely in my own hands and I have a conviction that I can always win back even the people I lose. That is only if I care enough to do that.

For someone who is neither ambitious nor materialistic, losses of the worldly kind hardly matter. In that way I’m gifted!

This fearlessness makes me arrogant and careless. Other people think that these characteristics are not good for me. They’re probably right! But then, who cares! 😐

10 thoughts on “Blah..

  1. You are very unpredictable and unexpected girl. too much of moodswing. I still remember how much i tolerated you.

  2. Hahaha.. thanks for the compliments anon! Wonder who you are coz there are at least a hundred people till date who have the same opinions about me! :p

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