I want to listen quietly
To your meaningless replies
And to the unwitting lies
I want that ruthless way
In which your mind denies
I want to capture truth
In your disapproving eyes
I want to want to want you
And want to accept love
That inevitably dies…

I will learn to analyze
Myself I’ll anesthetize
To dissect a little flower
And grandly theorize
On how it withers and dries
I’ll wear the conventional guise
And suppress my silent cries…
I’ll observe the twilight rise
Just punctuate it with sighs…

12 thoughts on “Please…

  1. Read your blog after a long time!
    And in such a desolate hour,
    this poem has given me the solace I require.

    (Men are islands, yet its every grain of sand lives on the ashes a risen phoenix had shed on its shore .. )


    P.S. Never quit loving love.

  2. Hiya sweetie, it’s me from GaiaOnline! I like the poem, and it really brings happiness into my heart. The wording’s good, and the imagery is very good also!

    Well Done!


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