Hello all

Sorry I have not written anything here in ages. I had an accident about 2 weeks back. 2 fractures in my left collar bone. That kept me missing in action all this while. I also am into a new job and too many things are going on here at once. Will update soon. Thanks for the patience!

Love and cheers,


10 thoughts on “MIA

  1. hi mathu how u now very sad to know that u met with an accident but then !!! hope ure doing well !!! i know u dont like emotions much !!! even though its been a long time since we met or spoke !!! hope to see u soon amidst ure creative ramblings

  2. hey thats bad news 😦 how did this happen? and I thought u disappeared by choice ..what about the weeks before the accident? recover fast and all the best.. missing u 🙂

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