Today I want to write a lot.

I am skating on the layer of chocolate over a donut. 🙂

When was the last time you walked in the rain with a cigarette and a nice friend named Sugar man?
Me yesterday! Bwahaha!

My best friend is acting stupid and for once I can ask him to stop acting stupid. Nice to be the smarter one for once. *evil grin* (Stupid! Dont be upset… you’ll get over it!)

I spoke to chocolate man over the phone and he was as distracted, preoccupied and confused as ever. Did not understand any of my questions and could not decipher any of my answers. Loooooza!

Cat man pretends like I’m not at Bangalore. Lol. Poor cat man wants to avoid me coz seeing me would hurt him! What a sentimental wobbly man!

And then there are all kinds of other men with all kinds of other excuses.

1. T is not at Bangalore at all.
2. Cat man would never call me as long as I am here.
3. Choc I have already given up.
4. Tech is acting stupid about some girl.
5. Sugar is so clingy I feel like rapping him over his head. *clout*
6. Tom Hanks is lazy. Pah!

I’m not any of the above and therefore I win. Muahaha!

I’ll be getting a hair cut over the weekend and eating out like crazy! And me and Madhu and Jinkies will be eating lots of donuts.. damn you all!

Disclaimer: If you’re left out in this list, it probably means you were not so mean to me after all. 😀

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