6 thoughts on “Personal DNA

  1. Well actually I thought that this test asked questions and gave my own answers as results.. there was no interpretation of my answers.. but it was fun nevertheless.

  2. I wasn’t commenting on this particular test, just the general trend of you taking all sorts of personality tests 🙂

  3. Yeah… I once took a test that told me I have the narcissistic personality disorder! :p

    Ok kidding! I just like taking these tests coz they help me become aware of my own moods, likes and dislikes!

  4. Actually I was just browsing Wikipedia and stumbled upon that topic (I don’t even remember what I started with — that’s the magic of Wikipedia) and thought that it would be something you might be interested in. And by freaky coincidence, the top post on your blog was a personality test! Scary.

  5. Original reply: Flattered to know that you think about what interests me? :”>

    After considerable thought: Oh yes! I remember we decided we would exchange ideas and information!

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