Rain Burnt

Was this rain invented just to torment me into listening to the monotonous pitter patter eventually leading to your translucent smiles crawling around me?

The rain’s fragrance is well-planned too right? The woodsy scents of your love… this fragrance has been concocted with your indifference… how it hurts!

And music adds to the conspiracy… what good is life without your nearness… this music be damned for being so merciless in beauty… so like you…

Wild soul… don’t you dream of me?

All these little things have been woven into the plot to taunt me.. the beetles walking around the grass like innocuous flowers; the caresses of the wind … the clouds reiterating distance and closeness… everything is meant to make my existence intolerable…
my heart is enormously heavy… If you do not come soon then the rain would burn me to death with its loving kisses…

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