Little Radio

Last night my grandma kept asking me why I paid so much for my little radio. She was talking about my new ipod of course. Then I asked her to lie down, put the ear phones in her ears ignoring her protests, toned down the volume and played a Tamil song – en kaNmaNi by Ilayaraja. She kept her neck stiff, worried if the ear phones were going to fall outside. Then she slowly relaxed. I then played Mountain Streams by Kitaro. Halfway through this she fell asleep with tiny snores. Then I played Oriental Bamboo Flute by Kitaro and Pillow of Winds by Pink Floyd. Now she was sleeping like a baby. I could have given a million dollars for the peace that I saw on her tired face, then. So why not a few thousand rupees for the little radio? šŸ™‚

Grandma, you deserve the best! :-* >:)<

10 thoughts on “Little Radio

  1. Nice šŸ™‚ I have also made my grandmother listen to Children of Bodom and Pantera on my ipod, and her comments were priceless. She asked me very innocently if there was some problem with the ipod because “factory noises” were being heard through the headphones. Its her ability not to judge things without experiencing them is what I admire most. For a 90 year old who spent 65 years in an obscure village near Kanyakumari, she is convinced that other oldies who consider western music to be impure forms of noise, are misinformed. So she is open to sampling anything, and so far, she has liked Bono’s voice, Sting and strangely enough, a Paki alternative band called Rushk

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