When you were a child everyone allowed you into their lives.. they picked you up and gave you the false impression that you’d be accepted all your life…

But as you grew up people found more and more reasons to outcast you! Some incurable disease, a physical condition, a caste and some irrevocable reason to typecast you and throw you into the trash.. and people don’t trust you any more… even your truths are suspected.. who is to blame?

Why does one accumulate all of one’s learning in a place like this for the world to see? All the time the world thinks you’re painting a picture to earn respect … bullshit.. not me!

And all your life you’re kind and nice and polite and humble and follow rules and what comes of it? Nothing! Might as well live while you can and ignore the moral policing!

I sometimes think I empathize with people like Cho Seung Hui… the society creates them. How the hell is poor Ed Kemper supposed to retain his sanity, love and respect for the world, while his father and mother kept shuttling him between them and sent him to his grandparents because they did not want the child to intrude in their freedom? What happens to these people like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris? You think they’re born that way with a gun in their hand? They are made! Slowly…

Every time you ignore somebody because you find them ugly and boring, you’re probably sowing a seed of hatred in someone else. Nothing hurts like indifference. And all the clever ones seem to know this very well. It is a power game isn’t it? It is not about coexisting, living and letting live. It is about who is better, who is greater, who is smarter, who is fitter!

It is about running all the time. Running away from one problem to another… till the running itself becomes a problem. It is fear… panic, incapability to stop and look at the problem. It is the fear itself which usually exaggerates the problem.

Fine …. keep your stinky chastity, money, good looks and snobbery to yourself… yeah weirdos like me exist… aberrations exist.. if not for aberrations you cannot build your damned systems. There will be a day when your own system would crush you down.. it does not care!

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  1. i donn know about the last 2 paragraphs! Running why? last part sounds like curses being hurled-at what system??

    The rest of the article is well organized! and i concur 100% Neat stuff! kewl 🙂

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