Chak De!

Well… now let me write this without getting too excited.. I had gone to a hockey match which was the bloodiest brilliantest thing that I watched in my life! 😉

India Vs. Srilanka .. me and my friend Jai were at Egmore Hockey stadium at 7.00 pm. I was not really anticipating anything you see… I just generally went there but man oh man was it amazing!!!

We went to the topmost region of the gallery and sat down. John mechanic and another friend of his were also with us. And lots of catcalling guys were around us. Initially the SL players were doing some funny warm-up exercises on the ground and then came the Indian players with a puck each and they practised a bit.

As soon as the game began India got a penalty corner which they took like a piece of cake. Then I heard someone screaming out reallllllly loud… whoops.. it was me! 😀

Then as the game progressed there were some phenomenal goals from the Indian side. The SL goalie stood there like a spectator while the Indians swept off goal after goal. And I was shrieking like a maniac every time. :-p

The game was completely one-sided. When the score was 16-0 there was a break. Then we walked over to the other side. There were some really funny guys sitting there who said things like “Bagut achha” and “aaja maaro jaldi” and stuff like that to sound like Hindi commentators… hehehe!

Most people had “Chak De India” banners! 😉

The second half was tougher with the SL goalie being changed. However, an amazing player named Rajpal Singh was too good with the goals. The game was mostly played on one side of the court and am sure you know which side. I especially loved one goal where an Indian player had to take the goalie single-handed and he did a great job of it. Then the penalties were also awesome… the SL guys kept running forward before their turn and one of them got a green card! :-p

The final score was 20-0 when the game ended. Piece of cake it was which was why it was slllllightly boring… but I totally enjoyed myself shrieking, shouting and behaving like a hippie! It was so beat!

Think I’d prefer hockey to cricket any day coz at least you know the game is getting somewhere!

5 thoughts on “Chak De!

  1. hey..a blog on a hockey match..that too within two hours of the match getting over..thats pretty fast indeed..
    hope the chak de spirit catches on..and Indian hockey regain its glory..

  2. sounds like a fun time !! Someone’s into watching hockey and all eh?? interesting….

    but good to hear that you guys had a super uber time !!


  3. good to hear that you guys had fun..

    track happening on 14th and 15th of this month..friday and saturday.. should be lots of fun.. sooo tempted to take part in it… lets see..

    biriyani for viewers and participants.. vouched by mr bose to be super duper.. coming??/ tell jai too..

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