To All of You

S, I’m sorry… I could not afford to lose you.
R, I feel cheated but I’m not reacting.
N, don’t try to kill yourself again. I may not be around the next time.
JC, yeah, we’ll continue to fight our fights.
Vi, ……. I have nothing to say… The way you screw up our lives!
C, sorry if I crossed my limits. My idea of fun is different from the Bible’s.
M, I think of you often but we know it is the “road not taken”
_, you’re still nameless and I feel incapable of proving my reliability.
_, you’re nameless too and right now you’re important because I’m lonely.
T, thanks for stealing what I imagined was my future.

Yeah, and it will only get better!

8 thoughts on “To All of You

  1. Is there anything for me here? 😦

    I’m glad I read this, coz I’m also tring to believe – that it will only get better.

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