Note: Read alternate lines for happy poem and sad poem.ย 

On wet ground
Let us lie with the rain falling
On our blushing faces

Let us walk on cool grass
cracked earth
Flowers kissing our feet
wilting under our feet

Come let us make a little song
wail and mourn
Sing it in whispers
In cacophony
And watch pages flutter
Laughing like babies
the hyenas at the grave

And talk to the ants
Watch them scurry
like meaninglessness
Hugging tiny sugar crystals
like a purpose

Then we shall clasp our fingers
clutch at our throats
And sleep like lovers
the silently dead
Quietly with curls of hair
Dancing in the breeze
Dying with the sunset.

Come we will smile
With our masks on
Make dimples
At old age
Kisses and lots of love
Like plump, carefree birds
Fallen in the frost
Let us be noisy in summer
And contemplative in winter.

But will you come?

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