I fell in love with a dangerous reality-practitioner… now I hurt because he makes me feel bad for the way I am.

I am unreal. Unreliable. I trusted and my time was wasted by many many people. And so I chose to retaliate by doing the things I wanted to do, in the time that I had. They don’t like it. They can’t take it. They want me to become a frozen fossil.

“Wait,” they say, “we want to watch you turn into a fossil.” Follow our rules. Loyalty, fidelity, chastity, reality, integrity… they give me these beautiful titles on a golden platter but I’m their slave. I should pawn off my time and wait… wait and wait and wait…

Second-hand human beings who cannot make choices… cannot make things happen… cannot stand up for themselves and their desires… cannot fight for their dreams…

So, if I wait like Penelope… then perhaps I’d get what I want when it is too old and unfit for my liking…

I’m a rule-breaker, a freak, a law-defier, a dreamer and a shameless fighter who runs after my dreams… if you cannot match my speed, then you’d be left behind. I’ll miss you… I’ll cry for you… I’ll mourn your absence and I’ll hurt all over… but I cannot stop… I have to keep going… I cannot stop for your dead monuments built of falsities and empty promises.

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