Today me, Madhu and Padma got talking about how we behaved back in school and loads of stories sounded so similar that we were giggling our hearts out. The rest of the people in the room had already given up on us so we continued our blissfully retarded conversation.

I started off about the scent rubber. Madhu did not know it but Padma did. A scent rubber was usually a fluorescent green, pink or orange rubber which had a good fragrance. It usually did not erase stuff very well but we kept it for the fragrance. (Secret: I used to eat bits of it!!)

I guessed Madhu was this girl who would have had a neat pencil box with all the pencils arranged in height order, a scale with a 3d picture on it, a sharpener and an eraser tucked away neatly in the corner. Turned out I was absolutely correct! I also guessed she would have had atleast 15 different types of pencil boxes (hello kitty box, double-sided magnetic box with sharpener, olympics sports icons pencil box, car box)ย  … and she was a bit psyched by my accurate psychological insights. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then we got talking about pencil shavings. I used to make flowers out of pencil shavings for my friend Savitha. One day I forgot to do this ritual, and she did not speak to me for the whole day. She even cried. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Then it was I who started off about candies. Mr. Pop lollipop seemed to be a common love for all three of us (Remember the chocolate lollipop with a monkey picture on a shiny blue and gold wrapper?)

Then I went on to tell these city-bred girls about:
Kamarkat – A brown chikki-type ball which broke one’s teeth
Horlicks mittai – White sweetie made of Horlicks
Then mittai – Maida balls filled with honey..yummm!
MGR mittai – A piece of jaggery wrapped in a small paper with MGR’s picture on it
Javvu mittai – A fluroscent pink, slightly-bitter candy gum that seemed to stick to the teeth and clothes.

They seemed to know of:
Pulippu mittaiย  – round orange liquorice
Nutrine nei mittai – a yucky bitter brown candy wrapped in an ink green paper (common hatred)
Balli mittai – Colorful little sugar-coated cumin seeds

We spoke about pepsi cola that made our tongues colorful and how we used to stick our tongues out and compare colors with others.

At the end of this conversation, all three of us realized that we had not grown one bit in all these years… lol!!

11 thoughts on “Candies

  1. Ah!
    Panju mittai… cotton candy. The best part about the panju mittai is that you can make balls of variable sizes with the same amount. And it stays in your hands long after, so you can keep licking ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yellu mittai… sesame balls. My sisters favourite! Or was that Yellu urundai? But urundais are a different league. Another time!

  2. Hey ..panju mittai always had this funny sticky way of disappearing into nothingness.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    However, I cant deny that I still like them and love burying my face in its aery thinness.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. How about ‘Jujubs’? The fruit jelly type of mittai which seemed to be rolled in sugar – that was one of my favorites. My patti used to get them from Bombay stores in Pondy Bazaar.

    Ah.. nostalgic after reading this.. I used to have this white scale which I preserved for 8 years or so – used it even after the metric markings had worn off… No wonder my ED drawings were so shaky ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. u were eating eraser for breakfast!!!yuk….u shud have tried chewin on a pencil instead,i used to do tat all the time,wud chew on it till it started makin my mouth feel…ummm ummm…i dont remember,but i guess bitter!!

  5. Yes I did chew on my pencil but not so much… I used to chew on my school tie so much that my teacher called my sister (I was in UKG and she in 4th standard) to complain about me! >:D

    Then I got a new tie because the old one was in shreds after my handiwork.. (or is it teethiwork?)

  6. Remember the kind of sharpeners that used to come with a brush and a rubber (eraser) ๐Ÿ˜€ I remember taking it during my LKG. and after that i always used to snatch things from one ambi fello who used to sit next to me.

  7. Someone tell me where can I get them now in Madras, A shops name and place. I hear they are packed neatly so it can be brought to the US.

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