1. Why do I have this constant need to make sense? Something is freaking wrong with me! :-s

2. I know I have turned beautiful. People hesitate to love me.

3. When you don’t talk you rip my inner silence apart. When you talk, I don’t listen.

4. Elephant talk. Elephant talk.

5. Why do I hesitate to swear on my blog?

6. Numbering sentences. Pah!

7. Judging every moment, word, silence, feeling, thought. Judging the judgments.

8. I delete sentences that autopsy me. Their lies have choked my truths and made secrets out of them.

9. Will you judge me when I write such things?

10. Glad to have you back. Heroin or not.

11. I like comments on my blog. :”<

12. Thou shalt not resist love.

13. Signal Fire

14. Cigarettes nauseate me. I love myself.

15. Cheese nauseates me. I love myself.

16. Your love nauseates me. I love myself.

17. My love nauseates you. You hate yourself.

18. eighteen pieces of exclusively mind-picked bullshit.


20. I conned you.

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