Mighty Pain

Mighty pain
I’m sodomized by your crooked knife
Burn burn burn
Till my insides crumble beyond dust
Gnaw my skull
Wait and flicker a flag of bizarre red
Mighty skilful pain
I hunger for your flaming tongue
To swim through me and bring death to my love
But you cannot win
You cannot win
Tonight is a little molten mistake
Your nightmares grip my slender psyche
I bleed bleed bleed
And grapple with you
Mindless without and music within
Wreck me
Tear me asunder
I scream a thousand unheard screams
This night is an ebony death stake
I wince and I writhe
Pain carry me in your arms
As a gentle lover would
And ransack me
Till I live beyond dying
And die beyond living
Twist and turn
In macabre laughter
And paint my mind’s walls
With yesterday’s losses
Mighty pain
Make me accomplice to your loneliness
In this world of shiny happy people
Mighty pain
I fall I plead
Wasted I bleed
No help is at hand
I’m yours to read
I’m your need
So mutilate my passions
Incinerate my dreams
And in the cold comfort of triumph
Death bird
Drink my tears

Drink me
Mighty pain…
My brain child…

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