Dead Poems

Friday, August 04, 2006 

I dream and I dream
Into the distance I scream
I listen to silence’s voice
I wander waiting for a choice
You said I would have anyway
Left you and gone away
Yet you know how much it pains
When I hold up what remains
I search for you in old missives
Changing seasons in changing lives
Maybe these truths I want to hide
Sometimes it is better to have lied
Yet it is you that I need
Yet I dont want you to pay heed
Maybe you will never realize
How much my wounded heart cries
Maybe you dislike me for this
Yet it is you that I miss
I let this rejection suffocate
These silences I tend to hate
You my absence does not torment
But to me you were important
It is true that I am crying
Forgive me but I am still trying..

Monday, July 17, 2006

I once had a friend
Dark as the depth of the night
Sweet as surrender
The unpredictable hues of a changing sun
Secrets and hushed screams
Confined dreams
Slithering into silence
He made love to his lies
Truth he resented
Lovelessness he pretended
I cannot forgive him
For he stole my poems
And vanished into freedom…

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