May I?

May I write to you when banal reality cobwebs my dreams?

To your denial and the muted truths in your silence.

May I write to your incoherent kisses that eat me in little portions?

To your hundred lies and postponed happiness…

To the cozy desires hiding in your repressed closets..

May I write to the secret you made love to

And abandoned in the clamoring streets of everyday?

To distance and the death of potential orgasms…

May I write to our unborn children living in a hope cocoon?

How they metamorphose into tomorrow’s seeds of pain..

May I?

2 thoughts on “May I?

  1. Thanks for sharing the poems. The phoenix and the dragon have been my favourite self-representational creatures for a very long time.

    And thanks also for the link to Jung test. (FWIW I am INTJ real and ideal)

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