Real life is really catching up with me and now I am beginning to enjoy it. I’ll be at Bangalore the whole of next week attending a training program. I gave my TOEFL exam today and I did decently well. There are new people in my life and new promises as usual. However, I am not banking on anything because a free mind begins with the anticipation of change.


This is for somebody specific. My life is not governed by your presence or absence. There was a time in my life when I had such people around whom I built my world. Every time they left, my world crumbled. Now my world is based upon me, my abilities and my dreams. I would love your companionship and like the idea of sharing things with you, but my happiness or sadness is not to be dictated by your behavior. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is the point in time you and I have met, after I happened to grow up. If you want a wallflower, who gets anxiety syndrome every time you leave, then find someone else. I am not for any such games. I can imagine a life with and without you and both lives seem equally livable. I do not need you. I like you.


What will become of me? This is the next worry! Hahaha! Something has to keep us going right? 🙂

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