Non-Conformity Crisis

In response to Shashi’s “Banality Crisis

Around the time I am 30
Much would not have changed
Considering I am already 25

Perhaps I would find my
Geek, poetic, non-conforming, dapper
Who reads Kafka and Seth
And Shelley to inspire those anti-mediocrity battles
Who can also Osho sometimes
Does not hesitate to hold hands in public.

On the contrary, I hope to find myself
Vodka and marlboro
In an alien land
Sagging breasts
Flabby tummy
And some interesting men
Non-committal but suave
Smelling of musk and cigarettes.

Fearfully sometimes
I see myself
Buying karivepilai at Mylapore
Dinner at Vasantha Bhavan
Speeding with my B.E. Mechanical Software Pro
With a 3-month old baby
Clinging to me on the pillion
Of a Bajaj Pulsar.

Jeez i am laughing so much!!!!!!

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