I was wondering what a few of my friends would name their dogs if they had one:

Rajesh, the mad scientist+genius+cute overload type

His doggy would be a lhasa apso neatly combed and appropriately tagged with genus, species, binomial nomenclature apart from all the necessary cuteness paraphrenalia such as clips and bows and ribbons.

The doggy would be christened K9 Quadruped Mujjax.

Shashi, the poet+non-conformist+existentialist+mad scientist+experimental type

His dog would be a Shih-Tzu (he will deny this in the comments section)
It would wear red heart-shaped glasses and see the world through green filters. It will have a purple tail ribbon, the purpose of which will remain a poignant existential mystery. The doggy would be an INFP. It will love chewing on books by Kafka and Sartre.

The dog’s name would be Lolita Prufrockovna.

Mathi, the litterateur+spelling bee enthusiast+Ajax coder+poet+obscurantist

His dog would be an invisible Xoloitzcuintli living in his bookshelf, reading Nabakov, Murakami and Finnegan’s Wake. The dog would be endearingly never addressed as Pristine Canine though that is what its birth certificate would say. It would be called Prick instead and probably get cooked.

Jai, the biker+adventurer+mad nomad+sentimentalist type

His dog would be a German Shepherd no doubt. It will eat the best protein nuggets in all of India and attend all dog shows. It will be the type of dog whose owners keep assuring you that it wont bite while it sniffs dangerously close to a certain succulent portion of your calf, baring its recently brushed fangs. The dog would have a shiny coat dusted with Grade-A Bulstrode’s Anti-Flea Potion.

This member of his family would be named Trevor or some such functional thing.

More people who want dog names please contact me in the comments section. 😉

6 thoughts on “Dogmatrix

  1. Pingu is the poetic, cutesie, rebellious, dreamy, good girl type.

    Her dog would be a Chihuahua with big eyes dressed in pink. It will bark in French and understand the difference between regular and irregular training command verbs. It will chew on her crayons and will have a penguin fluff toy, named Pinga.

    The dog would be named “Genevieve” (a la Madeleine) and be addressed as “Le cher chien de Chennai” 😉

    (Forgive the pathetic French! Haha!)

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