A crumbling cookie night
Baskets of red. Rotund passion fruits.
Sit on my table. Still life.
Ellipsis. Ellipsis. Ellipsis.

Some photography-elusive moments later
You drone into my surreal mind gallery
With vicious paintbrushes
And fingernails.

Smothering fur.
Cacophonic radio static.
Montage of screaming colors.

Slippery shameful purple fish
Invade my everywhere.
Icy eels of control
Slithering down my skin
A million waxy drips in a moment

Flicker. Sigh. Moan. Shriller and shriller.
Will this much of love kill me, love? Kill me, Love. Kill. Me.

I think of the word “rhododendrons”
And then of a thin song just to seduce you.

I dissolve into the spilling cocoa night
In some memories of KMnO4
Keep this secret
I might just have to slit your throat again.

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