The Narcissist Introspects

I am making a list of things I find easy and a list of things I wish I could.

It is easy for me to:

  • Speak my mind and face the consequences
  • Delete people from my life
  • Allow new people into my life
  • Appreciate chocolates
  • Make a ruthless study of myself and others
  • Hurt the closest of my friends recklessly
  • Say “sorry”
  • Say “no”
  • Giggle a lot
  • Laugh at myself

It is difficult for me to:

  • Manage money
  • Smile and socialize with people I hate
  • Put myself in the martyr’s or the fool’s shoes
  • Accept rejection
  • Accept disappointments
  • Accept change of plans
  • Accept things I cannot change
  • Understand why the hell people just won’t shut up and do as I say

Bloody there is nothing that I cannot change! There I go again! Oh god… someone save me from myself! šŸ˜¦

Forgive the bulleted list. It is one of my favorite genres.

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