Why? :-(

Dedicated to my substance-abusing friends:

Why are many of my friends substance abusers?

one is an alcoholic beyond help. He thinks he is having fun. Sometimes he thinks he is funny when he makes stupid jokes about dying early.

one smokes upto a packet of cigarettes a day in order to relieve himself of stress. Pah!

one has got into marijuana. Wants to fit in with people around him who are equally useless.

one wants to go smoke pot every 1 hour and asked me if I know what a chillum is. this one imagines he is inspired by weed.

It is obvious that all of them are grown up men who have brains enough to take care of themselves. All of these people are running away from themselves. Cowards!

If you can let your mind take control of your body then fun wont be fun any more. It is impossible to be prudish or puritanical in this time and age, yet people can slightly exercise their will into being wise with their health.

I wonder what is happening to my friends. I am really worried for them but nobody listens to me. I often compare myself with a character called Cassandra in Greek mythology. Cassandra was granted the gift of prophecy by Apollo. Eventually, when he realized that she did not return his love, he cursed her such that nobody would believe her when she warned people about future events. People thought she was mad and incarcerated her.  Eventhough she could foresee the destruction of Troy nobody paid attention to her warnings.

Likewise, I have pleaded and warned all of these people here but to no avail. I hope life is not too hard on them before teaching her lessons.

The misconception here is that these people believe death will come in a minute and that they will exit peacefully. And that nobody will grieve their deaths just because their own self-worth is less than an ounce.

Five minutes into the hospital for some interminable illness and they will realize how many people have to shoulder the cross for their private sins. I think it is our hard luck that we hang around with such people because eventually when they get into a mess we’ll all be trying to pull them out of it. One tight slap! That is what you all deserve you spineless worms!

Alright! I will also quit my pills! That would be very good for my body. After that don’t complain that I am killing myself! Why should I try so hard to live in this place where everyone takes their health for granted while I must swallow pill after pill just to stay alive? Bloody cut throats. Read this and see the sense in it… don’t hate me just because i love you!

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