My little child
Let us do a little snake dance
Spread-eagled on the beach sand

Bring her
Bring him
Bring them
Let us smoke the clouds away

And gather stars into our eyelashes
And store them there
For a scantier moonless day

Let us make Meaningless some
And some awesome random

Baby let us sing out loud
Till the carousel horses neigh at us
And baby monkeys jump in fright
Till our parched throats cry out loud
For a hearty drink from the salty sea

Let us let us be
And scream and make a melee
Till the beachcombers ogle at us
The beggars get scandalized

Let us pat the flea-eared doggy
And write him some poetry
Till he whacks us with his tail
And glares at us quietly

Come baby let us fly
Wings flailing like Heidi
Throw our sanity away
And be incorrigibly happy

Wooo wooo wooo!

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