When entwined like the ends of a barbed wire,
Where does my space end and yours begin?

In an unspoken word that the cigarette swallows,
Where does silence begin and smothering end?

The traffic offends on tarmac roads
Where does trust begin and anxiety end?

Midnight sweats like an unanswered panic
Where does empathy begin and selfishness end?

Loneliness strangles in the arms of strangers
Where does freedom begin and dependence end?

In the depths of pain, a craving beckons need
Where does growing up begin and childhood end?

Merciless coldness is dubbed as maturity
Where does anger end and limpness begin?

In the heart of thought, an instinct tempts
Where do necessities end and rules begin?

The past haunts endlessly staining the now
Where does begging end and choosing begin?

All gestures are misread and opinions formed
Where do masks end and realities begin?

All life is change and everything dies
Where do laws end and where does love begin?

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