Thought Cloud

How the heck does it matter anyway as long as I have rainy afternoons, pudgy cupcakes with mushy romances to read!

Why is Asterix so tiny?

I love Snowy. He always imitates Tintin’s facial expressions.

Fluffy needs to be taken out of his plastic cover prison as soon as I get back to Chennai.

Crayons don’t taste as good as color pencil tips. Nor do they color that well. I used to hate crayons because they assumed

they could leave some portions of my picture uncolored.

Yes. I think retarded thoughts. But I also think about shopping lists, cellphone recharges and powercuts.

I need a large strappy white belt. For no particular reason.

The red towel disappeared from my life without warning. I need it back.

Google tires me with its ancient typography and in-your-face white. !@%$!%*

The best joke of the year was when he told me I am not strong-willed. Yeah right!

I once had a small Ganesh statue that drank milk from a saucer. I swear it is true!!!! 😦

What the hell is this font called Marlett in my MS – Word. It is always a bunch of squareS, arcs and things.

When I was younger, I used to have these red kerchiefs with big sanrio kitties on them. *sniff*

I always stain my white shirts when eating.

A friend named Sowmya wrote to me after 10 years and another friend named Sumitha called me after 6 years. Miracles!

I once lifted a little pup in my hands and realized that it had peed recently. Not a nice discovery let me tell you! 😐

Likewise, I had my aunt’s huge German Shepherd sprawled on my lap for an hour. When he got off I was covered in fluff.

The natural texture of my hair is pathetically frizzy. I straightened it and it took me four ruddy hours!!

I used to have an elephant Doy soap a year back.

I hate drinking water. Why the hell is it not flavored? 😡

I pick flowers and twigs off the street. Some of my friends hate me for that.

I have an underwear that has pink, green, blue and white stripes. It looks like candy. >:)

I swear I have some floppy disks at home.

…and the greeting cards that S.P gave me. (I am a sentimental fool!)

I used to say “All Indians are my brothers and sisters (except 1)” back in school during the National pledge. Forethought,

they call it! Hehehe!

I love swings.

I love sharpening pencils. I glue the shavings to my notebook and make flowers.

Note to self: Ok enough. Shut up.

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