At Hyderabad

Ah! At last I have found some time to post in my blog.

Though this break would have reduced my regular readers from 2000 to 2. 😛

I am currently at Hyderabad. Yes friends! I got here last week. I am currently staying at a posh locality called Jubilee Hills. I get good food and go to work. My work is not very hectic either and I kinda love it. Therefore this trip is akin to a paid vacation.

I am yet to go looking around the places. The roads are amazingly good at Hyderabad and the traffic is manageable though not during the peak hours. They have an excellent airport and very amiable people who are ready to be of any help.

I went to Hyderabad Central last week for a huge bowl of icecream and also had some Veg Biriyani (Yeah! I know! Non-veggies can stop sniggering) at Hyderabad house. I visited my dad’s best friend’s place on Saturday and they were really sweet to me. That uncle and my dad are friends for 35 years. Whoa!!

My childhood friend Ganu is also here and works for the same company though our offices are in different areas. I met him for a few minutes when I was staying at the guest house close to his office. He has put down his papers though and will be leaving Hyderbad soon. 😦

I will soon be checking out Charminar, Golconda fort, Chudi Bazaar etc. I love the rock formations all around Hyderabad and plan to go on a photo walk of some sort to capture some pictures.

My best friend has not called me in ages. 😦 I think he has forgotten me. I have left my bike with Jai while I am away from Chennai. Will update when I find the time to do so. 🙂

Bye guys!

8 thoughts on “At Hyderabad

  1. You might want to add ‘Bhuvangiri’ to the list of places that you can visit. It is approximately 1.5 hrs journey by bus and it is a fort that is imposing & forgotten.

  2. Biriyani at Hyderabad House???? Sheesh, shame on you!!! Those who have not had Hyderabadi Biriyani at Paradise are maha paapis! 😉

  3. @Howard
    Alright. I will keep that in mind and try to make it there along with my camera.

    I was told that the Paradise biriyani has deteriorated and Hyderabad house was a better choice. Paradise is not very far from my work place actually. I don’t have much of a choice but to eat there once. Lol!

    😀 Heehee!

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