A sloppy sappy kiss to everyone who visited this blog regularly and bothered to comment on all my rants and raves!

My blog stats says that the blog has crossed 50000 visitors so far! This after I moved from Blogger in 2006. Thanks a lot to all my readers! 🙂

*Hugs* :>

16 thoughts on “50000

  1. I have been a very very regular reader of your blog..and you are undoubtedly amazing..50000 is a great milestone.. 🙂
    recently I loved this “what is one breath of oxygen to a dying man..everythin n nothing… :)” keep blogging .. 🙂

  2. Grrr! Hey by the way what is the name of that acne cream for the nose? I kept wanting to call you but I could not get through. 😀 I called Ramy but she did not have your Mangalore number.

  3. hello 🙂 first time here, came here frm Usha’s space. u got a nice blog here, congrats on us stats. will rummage thru ur posts over weekend. gud luck gal 🙂

  4. @Nirveda

    Thank you! 🙂 Your blog has a lot of jokes and things that my dad told me and in the same sequence. :p

    Thank you. Welcome to my blog. Hope you like it!

  5. let the 50,000 become 50000×50000 ……. let the phoenix live for 50,000 more years to come…..

    i just wish the same happens to brokenbits, arbitweb,sharadtriyama, ……

    enjoi …..

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