Futile Love


A childhood it was between the first and the second
Each day ended like a spent taper
A mirror you were to me my friend
A diamond unique, refracting my beams
A multifoliate rose, multiplying my dreams
There would never be another.


You were my feather, the first and the only
A daily oracle descending from heaven
My sensitive wells of poetry and theory
With you they ended, my absent muse
You left me with nothing else to lose
Still less to be given.


If my sadness were rolled into a moon
You are the light in its deep dark core
All you gave me retracted too soon
No reason remains but there is rhyme
The distant, disturbing rusted time
And “Never more”.


Inside a cocoon hibernates my soul
My secrets concealed in preconceived smiles
I live in parts as a shadow of my whole
Tears are too uninspired to be born
Words have left me longing forlorn
Across many miles.


I am an echo in the no man’s land
I never existed between then and now
The only blessing was a kiss to his hand
The semblance of life in a hollow body
Walks the streets like a tattered effigy
Futile love.

4 thoughts on “Futile Love

  1. ….. mathangiiiiiii how are poor people like me to understand such poem..

    incoherent words to concoct a coherent poem leaves the reader dazzled by
    its vivacity..

    i just conclude that….. one must have lived to experience the depth of poem what it tries to convey…. but it leaves good room for the reader to have a nostalgic ride in imaginatory world….

    wonderful poem…..

  2. @ Ravi

    Relax. It is not always important to understand. And thank you for thinking this is good. šŸ™‚


    Nothing can be happier than being sad for the one you love. šŸ™‚

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