In the evening, I was with the pioneers. Music makers. And there were children as yet uncaring for the world’s approval. I was with uninhibited animals and big eyes. And there was music – noise and otherwise.

Then I played a game. I created a sense of purpose and argued for it. I was amused and animated. I made them believe that I had a point of view. Points of view are dangerous things. I mostly stay away from them. Yesterday, I was with some non-violent people and I decided to have fun.

I argued for two hours till my eyes ran away from their sockets due to the pressure from my hyperactive brain. But I smiled every time someone countered me. Hahaha! I was an evil con artist. I was a parasitic psychic vampire. I contradicted myself freely and dilly-dallied in pointlessness. I was sophistic and painful. Their retina reddened with rage. (Lol!)

My argument was said to be “Vulgar, discordant, unmusical and unartistic” and I had an enormous feeling of warmth crawl down my insides.

It was sad that they did not know I can be post-modernist when I want to be. I can also be biased, irrational and hedonistic.

It seems I subscribe to a number of borrowed philosophies and there is nothing original in me and I only speak language in a convincingly logical fashion. Unfortunately, they did not know that I do not stand for anything and therefore I am not afraid of anything collapsing. Despite the children around we were stupid.

Theism can collapse. I will not. Love, music, laughter, pain and memory can collapse. I will not. Because I am not.

You are afraid of defeat only when you fight for something. When all you want to do is have fun with concepts, everything is irrelevant. When all your props are gone, the very act of fighting for something becomes funny. You take sides with something not because you want to protect your sanity and retain your conviction but because you can take sides. You can take sides with anything and not get attached. It is fun to irritate the more serious ones.

He asked “Why should you argue so much about something that is irrelevant?”

Because “Irrelevance is the only relevant thing.”

Seriously! What gives!

7 thoughts on “ALT+F4

  1. The irrelevance of the irrelevant may never be quantified. The quantification of the irrelevant in itself is an irrelevant act. If “quality” is also factored in then it becomes and whole new ball game all together. So, what’s the score?

  2. You don’t notice the things themselves. You only notice their irrelevance time and again. That way they are relevant as constant sources of irrelevance.

    Why are we talking about this then? That’s irrelevant like everything else. Lol!

  3. Theism can collapse. I will not. Love, music, laughter, pain and memory can collapse. I will not. Because I am not.

    Isn’t that the core essence of the soul that we tend to forget? ! Thanks for reminding it in such a Poignant way!..
    Keep bloggin..

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