Last night there was a power failure for 4 hours. I thought to myself “This is how it feels to be alone in a dark and silent room”. There was a thunderstorm outside.

Then I remembered the homeless man I saw in the evening. He was crouching on the sidewalk with a plastic sheet over his head to protect him from the rain. The place where he usually slept had drowned under a puddle of water.

How does it feel to be alone in a dark and silent world?

12 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. oh it feels terrible…btw could you kindly get me a warm blanket and a snuggy pillow when you pass by this evening

    …some steaming hot tomato soup from saravana bhavan will certainly help πŸ˜€

    “How does it feel to be alone in a dark and silent world?”

    maybe you can spend the night with me and find out πŸ˜‰

  2. @Venkat

    Spending the night with you is not equal to spending the night “alone” … it is equal to spending the night with a “talkative kookaburra” whatever that is!

  3. ..well we’d be “alone” together…under the starlit sky, with the cool night air all around us. I could show you constellations not yet discovered, narrate stories yet untold of lands yet unheard. You could sing poetry as we occasionally let our tongues pass over the kulfi that you’d buy us. I’ll attempt to tame the mutinous hair on your head after which you’d run your fingers through my silky mane.

    P.S I dont really mind talking less if you have some other activity in mind eh ;-);-)

  4. …you do know I have a tendency to get carried away now dont ya?…that “talkative kookaburra” comment was a little harsh though…

  5. ..aw what will I ever do without you? …never shall I find another being in the farthest corners of the universe…that truly comprehends, values and appreciates kookaburra chatter.

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