So they brought the speechless eyes
And the funereal rose
With the memories of a dying fragrance
And laid it on the ground
For silence to surround
O the pain and the endless sighs

In silence they bustled
For a piece of rope
To suffocate the moans of the restless dying

In the arms of loneliness
And the throes of darkness
They clamored for a piece of peace

They pounded at the glass walls of coffins
To open the lids on what was dead
To resuscitate the warmth of the fingers
And inject life into the stiff bones
O the failure and the misery of humiliation

They were the undead lovers
Zombies that thronged
In the heart of a parched world
Running after souls to resurrect
With love and bitter kisses

In moonlight they lifted their withered arms
And cried like a dying bird
They bled for love, the fools
O the vicious cycles of loss
O indifference unattainable
Remnants of eaten hearts.

2 thoughts on “Dirge

  1. OMG….

    sadness too has enormous depth …. but why!!!!!

    i just wanted to know whether u wrote it in one-go or took sometime to compile it….


    hope to see the rapturous side of risen phoenix…..

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