The Corporate Devil

I should probably stop worrying about who is watching and say a couple of things here because this blog is the only outlet I have got. Why am I so stuck up? I cannot play the low games that other people play and I think it is unethical to be political. I am going to be trampled over and killed in the rat race because I don’t fight.Ā  But somehow I prefer getting out of the race to becoming the leader of all the rats.

I wish I could be a clerk in a dusty room full of files and a ceiling fan. Will people leave me alone then or will they still find reasons to play political games involving me? I am not sure. Is this how some people live? Gossiping, telling tales, manipulating and doing dirty things to get to a better position in life? I honestly don’t care! If they want my position they will get it if they ask nicely. Lol! They don’t have to try and play filthy games.

I dream of a workplace where people don’t tell sneaky tales and where they help each other grow so the work can get completed. Alas! This is going to be a pure dream. If I ever ran an organization of my own, people will be human beings first, and not slaves. I think people should get flexi-timing and work-at-home options when they want them. They should get to eat their food. They should get their sleep. Why do these big corporates imagine that the average office-goer is a slave who should do the big brother’s bidding at all hours? Are they buying work or buying a lifetime? Can an individual not have a life outside of work?

I think the workaholics of the world can celebrate their anti-social and obsessive disorders. The workaholic zombies who don’t have girlfriends or ignore their girlfriends when they have work; the ones who have eating disorders like anorexia and sleeping disorders like insomnia can celebrate! The corporates need them. The corporates will pay them all their money to continue their non-existence. Blessed are the workaholics for they shall inherit the bloodsucker kingdom!

Some tips to steer clear of problems at work:

1. Never disclose at work that you are happy.

2. Never disclose at work if you have completed your work before time

3. Never do anything to have fun in your leisure time and even if you do keep it a secret.

4. Never announce before leaving for home.

5. Be wary of the earlier morons who have climbed the corporate ladder owing to their skills in manipulation.

6. Never blog about work problems (Lol!)

7. Swallow bullshit by the tonnes.

8. Pretend to blog about advancement in technology relating to your work and share the links with your manager.

9. Say “Yes!”

10. Don’t say “No!”

Of course, I am Mathangi. I will not follow any of the above tips because I always do what I please and thank heavens I still have some life left. I am talking to the potential workaholic zombies who are vying to sell their souls to the corporate devil.

5 thoughts on “The Corporate Devil

  1. Hey comeon, be positive. Remember the age old adage: Honesty is the best policy. Trust me. If you are honest, then you are going to gain confidence of your manager. And once you have his confidence then all the things fall in the right place.

    Will it works? Yes I say. I followed the same principle with two managers in two companies.

    This is like Gandhigiri. Be patient. Be honest.

    Karunakar M

  2. its always the same case with me…..

    1. Never disclose at work that you are happy….

    this was the best point i wud say…… i have experienced this so many times….. when ur really happy…. and all others at work place who have drag life with morose outlook … will drectly or indirectly pull u down…..

    so just do the work and get lost…. its my policy… šŸ™‚

    but there are quite a few companies where people put their heart and soul…. like google etc…. but its really a rare few who get there…..

    if ur sensitive…. u will experience tremendous amount of uneasiness….. if i become oblivious then the very quality of my life will go down.. if i bcom sensitive… then it pricks… so

    as u said….. one has to be street smart when dealing with corporate sector….

    šŸ™‚ u ppl are atleast sitting in AC rooms… but in steel industry.. its almost unbelievable for ppl who r used to desktop kind of work….

    never mind…..

    i remember the mail u sent about anaconda catcher in africa…. and i see my life is far more comfortable physically ….


    when are you starting ur company šŸ˜‰ ….

  3. Hi Ravi

    It took me so long to figure these things out.. nice to know you’re so smart right in the beginning of your career lol! And it’s not any less difficult just because we sit in an airconditioned room! Lol!

    And as for the anaconda catcher, I think they at least know what they are doing!! šŸ˜›

    My company? I’ll never make that mistake and earn the curse of others.. šŸ˜‰

  4. Hey.long time indeed.
    BTW,even I was facing a similar situation at my work except that i was located in this crappy inaccessible village like hell where people do everything except minding their own business.Brace yourself for being in a city where you can get out from work and seek a diversion,if you wished to.Mine was horrible…got stuck up like a rat in the cage.Can’t even cry(I’d never cry for getting hurt by others,that’s a diff story though)..can’t even react,because a slightest expression was enough for lighting up ppl’s faces.Anyways it happens….but WE won’t change.If you are starting a company,there’s an applicant for the Corporate R&D wing here….i am offering this coz your work ethics match with mine…esp the sleeping part of

    P.S:Surprisingly both of us have changed our themes,that too to Albeo :)(sounds kiddish,i know)

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