The Offering

Note: I could not help it. πŸ™‚ Being this friendless being, all I can do is just write and trust me I have not mended my ways much. Lol!

This noon is soaked in caramel poetry. Anything cloying is inadequate. Your sweetness is devouring the otherwise inedible pieces of time. I want to write a lot for you. Your eyes with their drops of moonstones dipped in earnestly intrusive observation. Your voice that provokes me to effervesce with imagination of a thousand conversations. The distance where I feel safely in love. The secrecy in which I explode into effusive dreams. . the little bits of fragrance you left behind in a hurry. The frightening tears that bind… your hair that I mentally stroke with my fingers… the little granules of attention you give and which I use to build my castles in the air.. my own comforting insignificance and pleasant invisibility.. the way I’m a non-entity in your busy world and a little awareness that you know me. This inspiration that you brought for me and the elating realisation that someone like you exists … someone who will not rebuke the child in me. Those petals called your lips touched by loving truth that ate into them.. why you may understand what I’m living and how you liberate me from needs. Why I never want to know you the way others do and how I want to remember this dream.. you are a dream come true by the mere fact that you are. How you make me leave this world in cathartic flights of fantasy… how you mean more to me than most people I’ve known all my life.. and I’m in love not because you’re beautifully kind but because you’re a silent fragment of me that I searched for… A hint of solace that I yearned for in dark grief.. because you may revoke my flamboyant addiction to language and accept my melodrama.. you are what I wanted when I sighed and you’re the first drop of sleep in my reticence-stricken eyes.. eyes that escape into sleep and not travel through it.. eyes that avoid your gaze for fear of being discovered. I want to write to you because I don’t need you but I love you and because you slay my suffocating loneliness by slipping into the layers of my mind… and because you are mine despite the truth that you are a stranger in the distance.

8 thoughts on “The Offering

  1. A paradox of words, and you caught me out. πŸ™‚ What I meant to say, perhaps, was a description which conveys a deep and convincing understanding of something. Let’s not split hairs – you know I like your writing.

  2. ..WOW ..I didnt know you felt that strongly about me πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› ..write for me baby write.. lol

    Hope youre havin a great time in bangalore

    and why dont I ever find you online these days?

    P.S this blog kicks ass…

  3. @ Venkat

    I have been incredibly busy and hardly have any time to write here. Yeah Bangalore is great!

    And I thought you always knew that you are the only kookaburra in my life! *sniff* >:D *evil grin*

    Lol! πŸ™‚

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