7 thoughts on “Out of Touch

  1. Here you go.. but don’t use it for advertising [996][***][0**7] even if you wanted you say: “Hey, look, Sheriff has got a fancy number and it seems he paid it in love to get such a no.”. After some thought, I am extending exceptions to all of your good looking, single, female friends.

    • Hey Sher! Grrr! I was not talking about you! Lol!

      And none of my single male friends are interested in your proposal! :p And I edited your number coz you don’t want spammers calling you every second from the internets!

      (Count the number of exclamatory marks in this reply!!)

  2. i hope it isnt me either cause i thought you had mine…but i doubt if i ever had your soul (wink)..am so glad that youre so happy and am so sorry i didnt wish you earlier..may you live long and die a wrinkled old woman with twinkling eyes and a huge bunch of great grandchildren around you…;)

  3. you have got a nice wordpress poetcally expressed. I m naive in that field…rather tyro. would you mind shedding a il light bout the lay out n widgets.

    plz leave my suggestions

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