Perchance to Dream – I

I spin this tale of inane consequences in a dream. Had I the luxury of a ray of sunlight and a parchment I would have written this down with my blood. However, I who had been condemned to the depths of oblivion in a cavernous dungeon had no such privileges. I would certainly have drawn the last of my life’s energy to put this down, not out of the vanity of being a man of words, nor because it would have made my days any better but simply because it would have given me the consolation of a moment’s tryst with memory and what has gone by.

I do not remember how many days have passed since I was violently thrown into these catacombs while lifeblood still surged with vigour in my veins and the fragrance of youth still burned in my chest. I had dreamt of escape and redemption. Now, I wilt quietly like a shadow that has been swept into the farthest corners of time with nothing left to hold on to but memories. The outside world rumbles on, or so I imagine, with fresher crime, fresher power and fresher pain.

I used to be afraid to move. I knew the presence of other men in here, the numbers of whom I dared not count, if only for fear of finding livid pleasure in finding company in a place like this. My initial days were filled with hate and resentment for the stench that surrounded me and the wails and groans that contaminated my ears. Alas! Those were the days my senses had still been intact. I could see the silhouettes of ghost-like forms moving about, craving a drink of water, or dreaming of butterflies that existed in the world outside.

The walls of this evil home of mine trickled with substances and moss. What places life chooses to establish itself! Little rats and spiders scuttled on me from time to time conveniently mistaking me for food. In the beginning, I had fought them like a fool. I had built mental barriers of prayer to keep these invisible enemies away. I started at the slightest feeling of a feeler on my skin. They had eyes that I had been denied and sight that accompanies the secret veil of darkness. They leered with victory at my human ineptitude to see in the dark.

(To be continued…)

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